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July 5, 2002


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Parrying Rules

Mort de Muerte posted a question about the Parrying rule in DQ:
I’ve got a question about what people think of the Parrying rules as
found in rule [17.4], 2nd ed.

As written, when someone is Evading and their attacker rolls 30% or
higher than the modified Strike Check, the defender can “Parry”.
Next follows a roll by the evader of D+Defender’s Rank with prepared
weapon-Attacker’s Rank with prepared weapon. Now, as long as the
modified roll is 4 or higher, the evader may either “Disarm”
or “Disarm & Riposte” the attack. Both results are quite favorable
to the evader. However, if he rolls 3 or less, then “the attack has
been successfully Parried; but in so doing, the defender has been
thrown off balance and must execute a Pass action”.

This strikes me as strange. By rolling less than 3, the evader has
actually put himself in a situation -worse- than if the -attacker-
had not rolled so poorly. In other words, if his attacker had been
less clumsy, the defender would actually be -better off-. This seems
a little… backwards to me.

I just wondered what people thought of the rule. I expect the point
of the rule is to give the possibility of a defender losing a round
of Evade. An evading character with any defense to speak of can be a
horrible nut to crack, and maybe this rule was meant to allow an
attacker an -occasional- lucky Pulse. As written, though, the rule
seems a little off-kilter to me in terms of game mechanics. I was
wondering if there are any house-rules or just general thoughts on
this one.

I agree with Mort that it needs to be looked at. I haven’t given any consideration to a better mechanic of my own, yet. But this is another reminder that this is a good item to look into improving.

There should probably be more variability in the parry/riposte, for starters. Getting a free attack should only be available at the highest end.

To Be Edited


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