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May 23, 2002


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Response to moving the group over to a blog is uniformly negative. And having looked at it a bit further now, it isn’t really a format that is well suited for the sorts of discussions that go on on the list.

A better idea is probably to use the blog as a personal record of rules questions and ideas (accessible so that other people can look things up), but it’ll be a personal weblog, rather than a group project.

So consider the idea of the group weblog officially scrapped. I’ll keep my eye open for other ways that I can host the list that don’t involve Yahoo Groups, but it works well enough for now, and it’s easy for me to access.

That being said, does anyone have any thoughts on the Flexible PB Stat?


May 21, 2002


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Flexible Physical Beauty Stat

I think this is the final version of the Variable
PB. I still need to do some additional writeup, but
the mechanic is complete. Let me know what you think
of this version, and I will also run the final draft
(with all text) by you before I run it in the DQN.

This version allows a max. mod. of +6, but that is
only available to a Rank 10 Courtesan with “Dress
Seductively” ability and living Extravagant lifestyle.
Sakti is more likely to end up with just a +2 if she
lives Comfortable lifestyle (+3 once she reaches
Courtesan 6).

I’m also thinking of requiring 1 hour per point of
bonus above +2 for preparation, so the +6 Mme
Pompadour will need 4 hours to get that way. That
will also help throttle it somewhat. What do you

FLEXIBLE PB STAT — Rodger Thorm and Joe Saul
Intro goes here

The character must be living consistently at the
required lifestyle level for modifiers to be in

Character is living at Moderate level = no modifier
Character is living at or above Comfortable level = +1 PB
Character is living at Subsistence level = -1 PB
Character is living below Subsistence level = -2 PB

Troubador w/ “Appear Attractive” specialty or
Courtesan w/ “Dress Seductively” specialty = +1 PB

Courtesan = +1 PB per 5 Ranks (or portion)
Courtesan living at Expensive level = +1 PB per 4 Ranks (or portion)
Courtesan living at Extravagant level = +1 PB per 3 Ranks (or portion)

Note that a Courtesan who has improved their
appearance must take time and effort to raise and
maintain their improved appearance. In most
circumstances, the increase cannot be maintained while
involved in activities other than of a courtly and
genteel nature. A Courtesan must spend a minimum of 1 hour per point of
increase in dressing and preparation. (The bonus for living at Comfortable
level or above requires no additional time or preparation.)

A Courtesan in another culture, or seeking to attract
an individual of another culture, must have the
“Appear Attractive (to other cultures)” specialty in
order to gain any Courtesan bonuses.

A skilled Courtesan (Rank 4 or higher) may aid another
individual in their fashion and grooming to provide a
+1 PB for that individual. Cost for this service to
be determined by the GM. Increse lasts a maximum of
(1.5 x Rank) hours under normal circumstances.

1. Courtesan and troubador bonuses are not cumulative.

2. A Courtesan with a PB less than 12 receives only
half of the courtesan bonus (round down).

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